How Do You Uninstall the InstallShield Update Manager?

Download the Software Manager from Flexera Software to uninstall the InstallShield Update Manager from the computer. Once the Update Manager program is uninstalled from the computer, the Software Manager program can also be deleted.

Flexera Software bundled the InstallShield Update Manager with a variety of other software offerings. A full uninstall of the Update Manager requires downloading a separate uninstaller.

  1. Download the uninstaller
  2. Locate the Software Manager online at InstallShield.
  3. Launch the Software Manager
  4. Double click the Software Manager icon to launch it. Once launched, the Software Manager begins the uninstall process and may ask for additional information.
  5. Follow the prompts
  6. Pay attention to any prompts from the Software Manager in order to keep the uninstall process moving. The uninstall program is necessary so that registry keys are updated properly.
  7. Restart the computer
  8. When prompted, allow the computer to restart itself. Once the computer reboots, verify that the InstallShield Update Manager is no longer on the computer.
  9. Delete the Software Manager
  10. Once the InstallShield Update Manager is removed from the computer, the Software Manager is no longer necessary. Right click the program's icon and select delete from the list. The computer will move the program to the Recycle Bin, where the user can delete the program permanently along with any other files in the Recycle Bin.