How Do You Uninstall Firefox?

How Do You Uninstall Firefox?

To uninstall Firefox in Windows 7, access the Programs and Features section via the Control Panel, and remove it from the list. Locate the installation folder of Firefox, and manually delete the remaining files. Go to the APPDATA folder, and remove the user and data settings.

  1. Access the Programs and Features section

    Click on Start, and select the Control Panel. Click on the Programs link, and select the Programs and Features option. If the Control Panel elements are displayed as icons, click on Programs and Features directly.

  2. Uninstall Firefox

    Scroll down and click on the Mozilla Firefox entry in the list, then click on the Uninstall button. If the wizard doesn’t initiate automatically, double-click on the helper.exe file located in the Uninstall folder in the main Firefox directory. Follow the uninstall wizard instructions, to complete the removal process.

  3. Delete the remaining files manually

    Click on Start, and select the Computer option. Double-click on your primary drive, and open the Program Files folder. If you use a 64-bit Windows, open the Program Files (x86) folder instead. Click on the Mozilla Firefox folder, press the Delete key, and click on Yes to confirm.

  4. Remove the user and data settings

    Click on Start, and type in “%APPDATA%” in the search field. Click on the Roaming folder that appears in the search results and open the Mozilla folder. Open the Firefox folder and delete the content.