How Do You Uninstall Apps on an Android Device?


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An Android user can uninstall apps either through the device's settings menu or through the Google Play Store. Users should keep in mind that some apps come pre-installed on a device and, if so, cannot be removed.

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There are two basic ways to delete unwanted apps from an Android device.

  1. Delete from the settings menu.
  2. From the settings menu on the device, select "Apps" or "Application Manager." The choice may differ, depending on the specific type of device. Once into "Apps" or the "Application Manager," scroll to find the app that needs to be uninstalled. Tap the app, then touch "Uninstall" on the next screen. If there is no "Uninstall" option, that means that particular app came pre-installed and cannot be removed.
  3. Delete from the Google Play Store
  4. Find the Google Play Store app on the device and select it. From the Google Play Store, locate the "Apps" tab. The easiest way to find this is to swipe from the right side of the screen to the center. Another way is to select the "Menu" icon and then select "My Apps." Locate the installed apps, touch the one that should be deleted and select "Uninstall."
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