How Do You Uninstall Applications From a Mobile Device?

iOS and Android users can uninstall applications using the "Settings" option on their devices. iOS users can also delete unwanted applications through iTunes, whereas Android users can do so through the Google Play Store.

iOS users have a couple options when it comes to deleting applications from their devices.

  1. First, iOS users should access the "Settings" menu on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Next, users should select "General" and then tap on the "Usage" menu. When they tap on the application name, there is an option to delete that application.

Alternatively, users can delete iOS applications with iTunes. This removes the application and its data from iTunes on their computers and deletes the application when they sync their devices. To do this:

  1. iOS users should open iTunes on their computer.
  2. Users can then select their applications and click the "Delete" option.

In addition to the above options, Apple offers a "quick delete" option on iOS devices. When users hold their fingers down on any application, all icons start to wiggle and most display a small "X" in the corner. When users tap the "X," a message displays asking them if they want to delete the application. Deleting the application removes both the application and all of its data.

Android users can delete applications by following these steps:

  1. Users should navigate to the "Settings" menu on their devices.
  2. Within that menu, they can select "Apps" or "Application manager" and click on the application name.
  3. Users can then choose the option to uninstall the application.

In the Google Play Store, Android users can uninstall applications in the following way.

  1. Users must access the "My Apps" menu.
  2. They can then tap on any installed application and select "uninstall" to remove it from the device.