How Do You Unhide Rows in Excel?


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To unhide rows in Excel, open the Excel worksheet, select the first hidden row on the worksheet, navigate to the Home tab, select Format, move the mouse pointer to Hide & Unhide, and press Unhide Rows. You can also unhide a row by changing the size of the cell.

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  1. Open the Excel worksheet

    Open Microsoft Excel. Click on File from the menu, and then select Open. Browse your computer to find the worksheet, click on the file, and press the Open button.

  2. Select the first hidden row

    Go to the Name box, which is next to the Formula bar, and type "A1" in the box. Another way to select the first row is to go to the Home Tab, and press Find & Select in the Editing group. Click Go To, then type "A1" in the Reference box, and click OK to confirm.

  3. Navigate to the Home menu

    Click on the Home tab, and select Format, which is located in the Cells group.

  4. Unhide the rows

    From the Format menu, go to Visibility, then Hide & Unhide, and select Unhide Rows. You can also unhide a row by changing its height. From the Format Menu, select Row Height under Cell Size, and then type the desired value in the Row Height box.

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