How Do You Unfreeze an IPod Classic?

How Do You Unfreeze an IPod Classic?

According to the Apple Support website, unfreeze your iPod classic by resetting it, retrying it, restarting it, reinstalling the software and, if necessary, restoring the entire program on your mp3 player. Perform each of these tasks in order with the hopes of preserving the content saved on the iPod.

  1. Back up your data

    Perform a backup of your iTunes and any documents or other programs found on your iPod. This step alleviates the concern about losing any data on your device if you cannot unfreeze it.

  2. Charge your iPod

    Charge your iPod completely by either attaching it to your computer or plugging it into the wall. Sometimes even charging it is enough to unfreeze the iPod. Try different charging methods to see if that helps, moving from computer to wall charger or vice versa. Make certain you are plugging the iPod directly into the computer USB port rather than to a hub or to a USB port on the keyboard or monitor.

  3. Toggle the hold switch

    Push the hold button back and forth a few times to see if that will unfreeze the iPod. This step also has the benefit of forcing you to release the hold, just in case that was the problem rather than the iPod being frozen.

  4. Reset your iPod

    Push and hold the Menu button and the center button at the same time while laying your iPod on a flat surface. Make sure your finger on the center button is not touching the click wheel at all and the finger pushing the Menu button is pushing it on the outside of the wheel. Hold the two buttons until the Apple logo shows on the screen. This might take up to 10 seconds. Repeat if necessary.

  5. Retry charging your iPod

    Plug your iPod into the computer to see if that unfreezes it. Make certain the computer is on with up-to-date iTunes software. Ensure your iPod is connected directly to the computer rather than through a hub or a USB port on your keyboard or monitor.

  6. Restart your computer

    Shut down your computer properly, and start it again. Check for updates for your computer operating system as well as your iTunes software, and update if necessary. Plug your iPod in again.

  7. Reinstall the iTunes software

    Reinstall the iTunes software on your computer if it is not the latest version. Update the software on your iPod if possible. If your computer does not recognize your iPod or the iPod is still frozen, then it is possible that at this time you cannot install new software. As soon as possible, however, update your software.

  8. Restore the iPod

    Restoring the iPod completely erases all the data on your iPod, so this is the last option you should choose. There are several options for how to restore, explained on iTunes. Any of these reformat your iPod hard disk and erase all of the data. Be certain your data and music is backed up before you begin.