How Do You Unblock the KickAssTorrents Website?

How Do You Unblock the KickAssTorrents Website?

Connecting through a proxy server, using a website translation service and utilizing a VPN are three ways to unblock the KickAssTorrents website. There are free solutions available for each method.

Proxy servers act as mediators that redirect the communication between your computer and the servers of KickAssTorrents. Because proxies connect to the Internet from a different IP address, bans on your IP do not restrict you from accessing the website. is a proxy service that is available for free. To use it, enter the URL into the web address box, select a country from the drop-down list, and click Visit Anonymously.

Web translation services enable users to connect to blocked websites in a similar manner. Because they connect to the website from a different location, their IP addresses can access KickAssTorrents. Google Translate is a free service. To use it, enter the URL into the box on the left, and click Translate. Because this method must translate the website to any other language than English, you need to know the basic layout of the website.

Alternatively, you can unblock KickAssTorrents by connecting to it through a virtual private network. In addition to lifting the restriction, you secure your identity by using a VPN. Hotspot Shield is a free application that helps you connect through a VPN. Download the application, and keep it running in the background while browsing KickAssTorrents.

Because it is illegal to download copyrighted content via torrents, you must only use the website to download royalty-free artwork and freeware applications. You can safely download trailers, demos, patches and free operating system distributions via torrents.