How Do You Unblock Certain YouTube Videos?


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Unblock certain YouTube videos restricted to residents of a certain country by using a Web proxy site such as UnblockVideos.com, YouTubeUnblocked.com and ProxFree.com or the Firefox plug-in ProxTube, as of 2015. These tools pass a website through a server in another country to circumvent a firewall or location block.

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The site UnblockVideos.com offers users the ability to choose to direct traffic through either U.S. Web servers or British servers. ProxFree.com gives users several country options, along with the ability to modify the traffic to remove scripts or allow tracking cookies. To install ProxTube, visit the plug-in's page through the Firefox browser and click the Add To Firefox button.

YouTube, along with many other sites, restrict certain content so that only people living in a certain country are able to gain access. This is often a result of copyright or broadcasting restrictions, though in some cases other guidelines dictate viewing requirements. To access such content while residing in a different country, you need to use a Web proxy to bypass the region blocking. A Web proxy connects to a Web server in another location before accessing the site in question, sending the location information of that Web server to the site. As a result, the destination website thinks that the viewer is actually in the country of the Web server.

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