What Are Some Uconnect Compatible Phones?

What Are Some Uconnect Compatible Phones?

Some Uconnect compatible phones include the Blackberry series, the Palm series and the iPhone 4. After enabling Uconnect, passengers can link several phones to a vehicle's audio device. However, only one connected phone is usable at a time.

Uconnect is compatible with any phone that has Bluetooth Hands Free Profile version 0.96 or higher. Some compatible Blackberry phones include the Torch, Pearl, Style, Tour and Storm models. Some compatible Palm phones include the Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus, Palm Pre 2, and the Palm Pre and Pre Plus.

To check if a phone is compatible with Uconnect, the owner can visit UconnectPhone.com. After selecting the country and language, they then choose the brand of the car. Under Select Your Vehicle, the owner selects the year from the drop-down menu and then the model from the next drop-down menu.

Under Select Your Uconnect System, the site visitor chooses one Uconnect system from the provided options before selecting the mobile phone manufacturer. Finally, the user selects the mobile service provider from the next drop-down menu.

If the phone is compatible with the selected Uconnect device, a green tick appears next to the phone under Your Selection. If the specific phone does not appear on the website, general phone pairing instructions are available on the link at the bottom of the page.