Are Typing Websites for Kids Educational?


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Typing websites geared toward children are educational. Typing is a skill that children often need in their career and college pursuits, and more than 60 studies demonstrate that the use of academic games in the classroom boosts student achievement by 20 percent.

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Are Typing Websites for Kids Educational?
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Websites such as Funtotype.com offer kids the chance to practice typing in a setting that resembles a game, awarding points for correct work and allowing students to advance levels. This sort of learning tool is becoming more and more commonplace in the classroom, as one study indicates that 95 percent of teachers utilize educational video games.

Over 91 percent of school-aged children in the United States play video games. Typing games are highly interactive and help students learn through doing. Depending on the specific typing game, students either interact solely with the computer or also with classmates to increase their speed and accuracy in typing.

While learning the letters, students also build muscle memory and hand-eye coordination, both of which are crucial for touch typing. Using these types of games help people with different learning styles all master the same concept, particularly a children with a kinesthetic learning style based on contact. Engaging students with multiple learning styles increases overall mastery.

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