How Does Typing Pal School Help Students?


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Typing Pal helps students by teaching them keyboarding skills. Typing Pal uses animated games and exercises to provide an interactive and personalized approach to keyboarding, as of 2015.

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Typing Pal uses animated games and exercises to engage students, to keep them focused and to stimulate learning. Typing Pal features a simple program that teaches the basics of typing and builds on technique. The program is customized for each student, depending on his skill level, and it provides instructors and students with detailed statistics on their progress.

Typing Pal offers three subscription levels. The first subscription, Typing Pal Online, only requires the subscription and a Web browser. The next subscription is Typing Pal 6, a program that develops keyboarding skills and monitors typing in other software. The third subscription is Garfield's Typing Pal, a program for younger children or fans of Jim Davis' Garfield the cat.

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