What Are Some Typical Magellan GPS Problems?

What Are Some Typical Magellan GPS Problems?

Complaints from Magellan GPS customers include that the devices freeze up, their batteries don't last as long as advertised and the maps don't update properly. When some customers call technical support or return the devices, they complain of being unsatisfied or rebuffed.

Customers report that Magellan GPS devices not only freeze but quit working altogether after a short time. Others claim that Magellan GPS devices fail to pick up a satellite signal. A Magellan customer complaining to the ConsumerAffairs website says that after two years his device quit responding to touch commands before failing completely.

Some customers say they are unable to get free lifetime maps that come with some products, or they have to download the maps several times and then must still update firmware to allow for map downloading. A Magellan customer at the CustomerService Scoreboard website says the Magellan maps are "dangerously inaccurate."

Magellan manufactures GPS devices for large vehicles such as recreational vehicles, and one customer complained that his Magellan device directed him onto roads that could not handle his RV. This customer also says the worst problem was that the device stopped working completely after using it only three times.

Additionally, customers complain of having to reinstall Magellan GPS software. Some customers try to correct the devices on their own in various ways, but they report failure and then bad technical support from Magellan.