What Is Some Typical Information Included on a Cell Phone Bill?


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Cell phone bills typically include general information about account service, including monthly charges; roaming information; and phone, text and data usage for the previous billing cycle. Cell phone bills also include information about payment dates and the outstanding balance. A cell phone bill may also include the subscriber's name, phone number and address. If applicable, bills also include partial charges applied if service changes were made within the bill period, such as changing plans or adding services.

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Many companies provide the option of viewing a cell phone bill online. This is convenient because it allows the subscribers to see his balance and usage before the end of the billing cycle. Having ongoing information about usage and billing helps save money by making subscribers aware of the plan's limits. Online bills usually show more information about services and usage, and make it much easier to change the plan.

Cell phone bills often show outgoing calls and texts made within the billing cycle. Upon request, most carriers provide information about incoming calls and texts from the billing cycle, for a small fee. Some carriers charge the monthly fee in advance. In that case, the bill for the upcoming month of service includes the service fees. This includes basic plan charges as well as add-on services such as call display, call forwarding and voicemail.

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