What Types of Used Cars Can You Find on Kijiji Classifieds in Newfoundland?


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Types of used cars found on Kijiji classifieds in Newfoundland include Mercedes, Toyota, Chevrolet, BMW and Acura models. Kijiji is the number one classified site in Canada and features over 5.5 million active listings, as of 2015. Other listed models include Chrysler, Nissan, Cadillac, Ford and Mitsubishi.

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Used car sellers put up pictures, give brief car descriptions and state their location. Kijiji features a searchable database that allows users to search for cars based on the year of manufacture, make and model, body type and transmission. It has a provision that enables used car buyers to request a CarProof report before they commit to a sale. A CarProof report is a vehicle history report that details the car’s accident history, branding and registration history and odometer records. It also offers useful information that guides users when finalizing a used car sale. Buyers also list the cars they wish to acquire if they are not available on the site.

Kijiji is named after the Swahili word for village. It was launched in February 2005 in Montreal and Quebec City as an online meeting point for people living in the same community. As of 2015, the site has expanded to over 100 cities across Canada, and it helps community members buy and sell their unused possessions without leaving their neighborhoods. The site features only local listings that are grouped by cities, providing users with the ability to assess the merchandise before making a purchase. Kijiji is open and free to all users across Canada. It features a broad range of listings such as jobs, houses, professional services and all manner of goods.

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