What Types of Tutorials Does SolidWorks Offer?

What Types of Tutorials Does SolidWorks Offer?

SolidWorks offers many tutorials under the Resource Center tab on its website, such as a getting started tutorial, Lego tutorials, robot tutorials and educational project downloads. Some tutorials come with videos, model files, part files and exercises.

The getting started tutorial provides a general introduction to the program and its major features. Discussion of parts, assemblies, drawings, simulations and sustainability occur in greater detail over the course of five lessons. A sixth lesson at the beginning serves as an introduction to the program as a whole. Each lesson includes part files and exercises.

The Lego tutorials include two lessons. The first shows the user how to use SolidWorks software by guiding her through the assembly of a toy car made of Lego blocks. The second is an advanced assembly tutorial that guides her through creating and building a Lego robot assembly. Each of the lessons has separate model files.

Robot Tutorials offer nine units that cover part building, assembly, manufacturing, electrical and other processes. It explores subjects the two previous tutorials have not, but its introduction to the program is brief.

The educational project downloads are intended as fun projects for the user as they learn SolidWorks. They include a travel mug, race car, wind turbine and tic-tac-toe game.