What Types of Recipes Are Available From Khana Khazana?

Recipes for staples of Indian cuisine are available from Khana Khazana, including main dishes, salads, side dishes, appetizers and desserts. The Khana Khazana website is member-driven, and features recipes by Khana Khazana's host, Sanjeev Kapoor, other celebrity chefs and Khana Khazana fans.

In addition to Indian cuisine, KhanaKhazana.com also has international categories, with recipes for Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Southeast Asian cuisine, as well as a general international category. Members' recipes appear in order of submission and are usually accompanied by a photo of the finished dish. The site highlights a single standout recipe for each day.

The category for international dishes touches upon native recipes, such as Chinese fried rice, and fusion dishes such as Gobi Manchurian. Most of the recipes are designed for home cooks and do not require professional skill to execute.

Sanjeev Kapoor hosts his own website where he publishes his recipes from the Khana Khazana show. These recipes also reflect authentic Indian cuisine and fusion recipes attributed to Kapoor, such as brinjal tiramisu and pumpkin risotto. Kapoor indicates the level of difficulty for each recipe, what kind of course it is and the country that inspired it.

Moong kofta, mushroom vindaloo, shabnam curry, aloo gobhi bhujia and illish jhalde are some of the recipes in the category for main dishes. The drinks category encompasses fruit, brews, smoothies and cocktails, such as shogaf layered juice and kashmiri tea.