What Types of Plans Does Sprint Offer?


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Sprint offers family share plans, unlimited plans, single service plans, as well as tablet plans, data only plans, home phone service plans and prepaid plans as of April 2015. The Sprint website offers a detailed list of all the available plans by area, as well as pricing and gives the consumer the ability to customize the plan.

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The Sprint family share pack offers users up to 12 GB of data to share between up to five lines. The users receive unlimited text and talk time. For families that require more data, there is an unlimited family plan with no data, text or talk limits for up to 10 lines total.

Data only plans are available for tablet users and they can select the amount of data they require when purchasing the plan. A plan that offers 1 GB a month is designed for light users, where visiting about 800 Web pages or creating or viewing 800 social media pages meets the limit. The options for data include 30 GB a month for heavy users that is capable of handling 60 hours of streaming video or downloading 200 apps or songs.

The home phone plan provides customers with call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, voice mail and caller ID. For consumers who are unsure of the amount of data required to handle their usage, there is a data calculator available on the Sprint website.

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