What Types of Items Does Dollar Tree Sell Online?


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Dollar Tree's website offers household items, food, party supplies and beauty products for purchase. It also features school supplies, children's items and seasonal products. Dollar Tree only sells items in bulk online.

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Dollar Tree sells household items such as mugs, plastic cups, kitchen utensils, food storage containers and bath towels. Other household items sold by Dollar Tree online include vases, candles, air fresheners, pet toys and electronics. Dollar Tree also sells food items such as candy, cereal, canned goods, bread and chips. Other pantry items sold by Dollar Tree include trail mix, popcorn, cookies, soft drinks and tea.

Dollar Tree sells party supplies that include cake decorations, invitations, party favors, napkins and balloons. Dollar Tree also sells party supplies specific to certain celebrations, such as birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Dollar Tree's beauty product selection includes shampoo, body wash, deodorant, shaving cream and hair dye.

School supplies sold by Dollar Tree's website include pens, crayons, notebooks, binders and calendars. Dollar Tree also sells tape, glue, envelopes, flash cards and books in its school supplies department. Dollar Tree's children's section includes stuffed animals, dolls, costumes, puzzles and action figures. Other children's items sold by Dollar Tree include toy cars, musical instruments, craft kits and stickers. Dollar Tree also sells items for decorating for and celebrating specific holidays and seasons.

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