What Types of Items Can You List for Sale on Kijiji?


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You can sell many items on Kijiji.ca, including cars, pets, art, computers, appliances and musical instruments. It is also possible to sell services, such as music lessons, vacation planning, rentals and real estate.

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Though it is possible to sell many items on Kijiji, there are some restrictions in place. For instance, only those who are in Canada may sell on the site, and it is not possible to list items that are illegal to own, sell or buy. Other restrictions for posting on Kijiji include prohibitions on posting the same ad in more than one category and re-posting ads by using several email addresses. It is also not allowed to post ads that only send traffic to another website.

People who post on Kijiji must also not post any multi-level marketing ads, nor should individuals post any ad that has keywords that do not relate to the item in the listing. The website only allows ads in English or French, and any posting that contains mature, adult or erotic content is against the rules.

Furthermore, only those over the age of 16 may post on Kijiji, and the company removes any ad that does not comply with the policies of Kijiji. The company may ban users who violate these rules.

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