What Types of Information Can Regis Employees Access Through MyPayStub?


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Regis employees can access information about their payroll history, tax forms and other information regarding pay checks through the service MyPayStub. Using MyPayStub, a Regis employee is able to view and print current and past pay stubs.

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The Regis salon chain offers an electronic MyPayStub account to all its employees. This enables them to log in at any time and check information regarding their current or past pay stubs, to print current stubs or reprint old ones, and to view information regarding their past and current W2 tax forms.

To log into MyPayStub and view this information, Regis employees need to enter their Payroll IDs and passwords. The salon gives employees a default password to use upon first logging in, which is usually an eight-digit number compiled from the employee's Social Security number and date of birth. A Regis employee's Payroll ID is located on any one of his pay stubs, next to his hire date.

Once logged into the site, a Regis employee has the option of printing any pay stub received during his time of employment at the salon. To print a pay stub, an employee clicks the Inquiries tab, then the tab reading Check Stub, then chooses the date of the check he wishes to view and finally clicks Reprint Check Stub.

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