What Types of Games Are Available on Y8.com?

Y8.com offers several different types of games, including role-playing, fighting, arcade and skill games. There are over 100 different role-playing games and approximately 14,000 arcade games available on the website, as of 2015.

Role-playing games include “Cave Quest,” “Murloc,” “Royal Squad” and “Demons Down Under,” while “Nunchuck Charlie,” “Dragon Fist 3,” “Swords and Potions 2” and “Graal Online Classic” are titles of fighting games.

In addition, the arcade category contains “Marbles Myth,” “Big-Battle Tanks,” “Manamancers” and “Last Temple.” The skills category lists “Handless Millionaire,” “Blueprint Billiards,” “Haste Makes Waste,” and “Sand Board” among the over 9,000 offerings for that type of game.