What Types of Games Are Available From Cartoon Network?

What Types of Games Are Available From Cartoon Network?

Cartoon Network features multiplayer, adventure, racing and fighter games. It also has games derived from its TV shows, including "Ben 10: Omniverse" and "Dexter’s Laboratory." Players can sign up for free accounts to earn points and badges, but accounts are not required to play games.

FusionFall Heroes, Project Exonaut and CN Titanic KungFuBot Offensive are Cartoon Network's multiplayer games. CN TKO pits players' robots against those of other players, and it is the most popular game of the three. FusionFall Heroes lets players choose their favorite Cartoon Network character to join others in a battle against evil.

There are two Ben 10 adventure games: Battle Ready and Upchuck Unleashed. There is also a popular Ben 10 racing game called Ben to the Rescue. Dreamworks Dragons is an adventure game that tasks players with training their dragons so that players can explore Berk Island and learn to shoot targets.

“Ed, Edd n Eddy” characters are featured in two Cul-de-Sac Smash racing games. Players can choose any of the characters to destroy the neighborhood on their go-carts. Dimensional Drift is a more conventional racing game in which parks have been transformed into racetracks by characters from “Regular Show.”

Clash of the Idiots and Battle of the Behemoths are two of the fighter games available. Cartoon Network also features puzzle, 3D and running games.