What Types of Computer Skills Tests Are Available Online?

Online computer skills tests assess basic skills in computer literacy, use of computer operating systems, and typing speed and accuracy. Computer tests also measure proficiency in common office software programs, including QuickBooks, Medisoft, and Microsoft Office applications.

Computer skills tests are used largely by hiring managers as a way to verify the purported computer proficiencies of a prospective employee. Many of the programs that are used as professional testing services do not provide pre-testing or training programs in advance of the test.

These assessments test an individual's basic ability to use a computer, such as powering the device on and off, maneuvering with a mouse, and navigating the applicable computer operating system. They also test a range of analytical and practical skills for office work, such as a candidate's typing speed and accuracy when using templates both in onscreen and hard copy formats, as well as computer tests of office math, reading, accounting, and reasoning skills. Computer tests of proficiency in Microsoft programs cover the Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Publisher, and Outlook applications.

Some websites provide free assessments of computer skills to laypersons, but to a much more limited degree than are available for professional tests. Free tests commonly cover basic typing skills, as well as use of Microsoft Word and Excel applications.