What Types of Cases Are Available for Kindle Fires?

What Types of Cases Are Available for Kindle Fires?

As of 2015, the four most prevalent types of cases for the Kindle Fire are the skin cover, sleeve case, the basic hard case, and the more versatile folio case. All four of these types are available from Amazon.com, maker of the Kindle Fire.

Skin covers are normally made of vinyl adhesive that sticks directly onto the device, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. While they are excellent at preventing scratches and protecting against ultraviolet light damage, ultimately they are more about style rather than function.

Sleeve cases are a padded, protective pocket that fully encloses the electronic device. They are usually made from cloth fabric or neoprene, and they zip or snap closed. The Kindle Fire cannot be used while in this type of case, so it is best for long travels or moves.

The basic hard case is normally made of a hard plastic base and a soft cover flap that closes using a magnetic or elastic band. The device can be safely used while remaining in this type of case. Some basic hard cases come with adjustable cover flaps that allow the device to stand up on its own.

The most versatile and protective case for the Kindle Fire is the folio case. Folio cases are normally made of a combination of leather and micro fiber, and they completely wrap around and cover the entire device. This type of cover normally includes a cover flap that can be adjusted to allow the device to stand on its own, both vertically and horizontally. It sometimes includes an interior strap so the device can easily be held with one hand.