What Are the Types of Cable Connectors?


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The different types of cable connectors include audio, Centronics, D-sub, digital video, DIN, fiber and networking, FireWire, internal, modular, power, SCSI, specialty, USB and video. Depending on the cable, it may be used with computers, televisions, cameras, audio devices or other electronics.

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Coaxial digital audio cables transmit sound from stereo speakers to a receiver, and RCA mono cables transmit analog audio from a subwoofer to a home theater system. Ethernet cables transmit data on the Internet from a computer to a router, and USB cables deliver power and data to different devices based on its type. Other cables, such as FireWire and eSATA cables, transfer only data between devices.

Cable connectors are conductive devices that facilitate a physical interface between two different devices. The proper cable is often included in the packaging of a product, but some cables may require a separate purchase.

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