What Are Some Types of Audio Systems?

What Are Some Types of Audio Systems?

Some types of audio systems include Hi-Fi music systems, wireless music systems and MP3 docking systems. Other examples include home theater systems, portable music systems, and CD or radio cassette players.

A wireless music system is a system that uses infrared, instead of wires, to transmit signal from the receiver to the speakers. Owners of wireless music systems can connect multiple speakers to the receiver without worrying about many wires and a transmission hassle.

Hi-Fi music systems offer high-quality audio with minimum distortion to listeners and an added advantage of being able to play music from multiple sources, such as CD players and cassette decks. Manufacturers sometimes incorporate wireless capability into Hi-Fi music systems.

Designed to reproduce a theatre-like sound, home theater systems typically feature several speakers and a subwoofer. In addition to audio, they support video formats. Portable music systems, as the name suggests, are light-weight and compact audio systems. They typically have AM/FM, and play CDs and cassettes.

MP3 docking systems essentially serve as docking stations for portable audio devices, such as iPods. They read music files from the portable devices and play the audio through the built-in speakers. Like portable music systems, CD or radio cassette players are light-weight and compact. Their convenience makes them suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.