What Types of Articles Are Included on The Grits Blog?

What Types of Articles Are Included on The Grits Blog?

The Grits Blog, at TheGritsBlog.com, features a variety of articles on the topics of beauty, beauty products, personal life experiences and TV shows as of 2015. Other topics include recipes and DIY design tutorials.

As of November 2015, some recent posts include a list of TV show recommendations with short summaries and remarks, a DIY tutorial on how to make elastic baby headbands, and a recounting of personal experiences with giving birth by C-section.

Another recent post is a beauty tutorial on how to build female hair styles over three days without washing the hair. The tutorial says to wash the hair on the first day and apply a root lifting spray and volume mousse before styling. The second day calls for refreshing the hair with dry shampoo, applying root powder for volume and using a pomade for shine. On the third day, the hair is put up in a styling such as a bun.

The Grits Blog publishes recipes for breakfast, juices and smoothies, appetizers, dinner and dessert. Some smoothie recipes include an easy three-ingredient smoothie with orange juice, frozen berries and ice and a hidden green smoothie with plain almond milk, spinach, frozen berries, a banana and Greek yogurt. It also publishes a juicer guide that explains the difference between centrifugal and masticating juicers.

The design tutorials category includes several articles about blogging on the topics of increasing reader engagement, the dark side of blogging, sponsors, and other general tips and musings.