What Types of Activities Can You Upload With Garmin Connect?

What Types of Activities Can You Upload With Garmin Connect?

Any activities that are available on Garmin fitness products are uploadable via Garmin Connect, including running, swimming, golfing, biking and more. Many of these activities are tracked via Garmin's activity tracker devices.

Activity tracker devices manufactured by Garmin are designed to be worn in an active lifestyle and keep track of various activity parameters achieved by the wearer. The vivoactive, vivosmart and vivofit are all Garmin products designed to be used with Garmin Connect.

Garmin Connect is a wireless transfer of information pertaining to healthy lifestyle and fitness tracking. All Garmin sport devices, including the golf devices. The Garmin Express software facilitates the transfer of information from the Garmin device to Garmin Connect, where data can be stored, analyzed and tranfered.

Indoor activities can also be uploaded to Garmin Connect, including using stationary bikes, indoor tracks and other indoor fitness activities. Several Garmin devices also monitor sleep activity, which can be uploaded to Garmin Connect in order to better understand sleep habits and amount of deep sleep achieved each night.

Activity tracking devices manufactured by Garmin range in price from $80 to $250 as of 2015. The devices can be customized with various bands for style and comfort. Garmin continually updates software for its Garmin Connect and vivo line of fitness trackers.