Which Type of Virus Was the Famous Michelangelo Virus?


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The Michelangelo virus was a boot sector computer virus, says Naked Security. It was spread by the use of infected floppy disks in the early 1990s. The virus gained its nickname because it lay dormant on computers and activated only on March 6, Michelangelo's birthday.

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For most of the year, the virus didn't have any noticeable effects on computers, but it secretly spread by copying itself to any writeable floppy disks that were inserted into infected computers, explains Naked Security. On March 6, the virus activated in the boot sector and destroyed the hard drives of any infected, unprotected computers.

The virus did not work as expected and caused only minor damage. Vice reports that out of 250,000 AT&T company computers in use at the time, the Michelangelo virus damaged only two.

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