How Do You Type Subscripts on a Mac?

How Do You Type Subscripts on a Mac?

How Do You Type Subscripts on a Mac?

The process of typing a subscript on a Mac differs depending on the application. Since Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing application, the process is described for that application. To type a subscript into Word, press the Command button and the "=" keys on your keyboard simultaneously.

  1. Open Microsoft Word

    Open Microsoft Word on your Mac. Click on the Word icon in your dock. If the application is not in your dock, click the Finder icon, and then click Applications. Find Microsoft Word from your list of applications.

  2. Create a new document

    Click File and then New Blank Document to open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

  3. Enter the subscript

    Click inside of the blank document. Before typing, simultaneously press the Command key and the "=" key on your keyboard. When you begin typing, the text appears as subscript. When you are done typing the subscript, press the Command and "=" keys again. When you next type text into the blank document, it appears as normal text. Alternatively, you can also click the Format menu at the top of the screen. Select Font to open the Font dialog box. Click the Subscript check box, and then click OK.