What Type of Stores Sell Merchandise That Allows Cars to Communicate?

What Type of Stores Sell Merchandise That Allows Cars to Communicate?

Currently, there are no stores selling merchandise allowing cars to communicate. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the trade group for most of the major automakers, is working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on research and development of connected-vehicle technology.

There has been a call for all U.S. cars, trucks and buses to come equipped with technology that would allow them to "talk" to one another to help avoid accidents. This technology is being called V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) communication.

In the beginning stages, consumers gain access to these communication systems through the purchase of new vehicles equipped with V2V. Mitch Bainwol, president and chief executive of the Senate Transportation Committee, notes that this will be a long process. Additionally, he acknowledges the added tasks of developing aftermarket component systems.

Aftermarket component systems would need to be overhauled, a patchwork of state and federal laws would have to be cohesive and legal questions of liability connected to operating cars with automated systems would have to be worked out, he added.

For now, communities are developing strategies to put connected cars at the center of more energy efficient, smarter traffic management systems. IBM conducted a smarter traffic pilot with the Dutch city of Eindhoven, demonstrating how the connected car automatically shares braking, acceleration and location data that can be analyzed by the central traffic authority to identify and resolve road network issues.