How Do You Type the Square Root Symbol?

How Do You Type the Square Root Symbol?

To type the square root symbol, enable the Num Lock key, hold down the Alt key on your keyboard, and type the numbers 0251. If you are using a laptop computer, you must also hold down the Function key, which is not present on desktops.

  1. Make sure that the Num Lock key is on

    All keyboards have a light indicating whether Num Lock is on or off. Ensure that this light is on. If not, press the Num Lock key.

  2. Find the Alt key on a desktop or the Function key on a laptop

    The Alt key is next to the spacebar. On a laptop, the Function (Fn) key is usually in the same row.

  3. Locate the numeric keypad

    The numeric keypad is on the far right side of a desktop keyboard. On a laptop, the keys on the right half of the keyboard also function as a numeric keypad.

  4. Enter the Alt code

    While holding down the Alt key (or the Alt and Function keys on a laptop), use the numeric keypad to enter 0251.