What Type of Products Do Telecom Companies Provide?


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While telecom companies typically focus on services, many lease or sell telephony equipment as well. Usually this includes standard landline phones, cellphones and smartphones, though enterprises might also purchase Voice-over-IP products.

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In the United States, many of the early telecom companies primarily sold standard landline phones and service, and this infrastructure is still common for businesses, as of April 2015. Long-distance providers were common as well, and many of the big mobile companies, such at AT&T and Sprint, formerly sold long-distance service. Most telecom companies that sell smartphone services sell devices made by third-party manufacturers instead of manufacturing their own phones. However, businesses might buy branded VoIP equipment from AT&T or other telecom companies.

The term telecom traditionally refers to companies providing telephony service, but a number of telecom companies have expanded their offerings and sell a broad range of services and equipment. AT&T sells television and Internet service though its U-Verse brand, and Verizon runs its FiOS service in parts of the United States. Similarly, non-telecom companies also offer some products that used to be offered exclusively by telecom companies. Comcast, long known as a cable provider, offers VoIP service that runs on its Internet lines. As a result, defining what constitutes a telecom company can be difficult.

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