What Type of Media Can Be Live Streamed Through MBC1?

What Type of Media Can Be Live Streamed Through MBC1?

MBC 1, or Middle East Broadcasting 1, is a television channel in the Middle East. The channel hosts a variety of different programs targeted towards Arabic peoples.

One of MBC 1's most popular shows is Kalam Nawaem, an female hosted talk show that debuted in 2002. It is known for pushing social boundaries, and even hosted Hilary Rodham Clinton in 2011.

The show was inspired by the format of the American show The View, and it has four female hosts of different ages, backgrounds and points of view. The hostesses often discuss controversial topics, such as homosexuality, masturbation, gender equality, rape and divorce.

Another popular TV shows on MBC 1 include Arab Idol. Like American Idol, Arab Idol was based off the British show Pop Idol. Other shows on the network such as MBC in a Week and Sabah El Kheir Ya Arab (Good Morning Arabs) focus on news and Arab current events.

Before the launch of the MBC 2, MBC 3 and MBC 4 channels, MBC 1 used to air western movies and cartoons. Now, the other channels that make up the Middle East Broadcasting Center air western movies and programs. The company has even added MBC Bollywood, a station dedicated to Bollywood movies.