What Type of Information Does Alex Jones' Prison Planet Website Offer?


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Alex Jones' Prison Planet website features mostly news from an alternative, anti-establishment position in categories such as U.S. and international political and economic affairs, science, technology and media analysis. The website also features links to information at affiliated sources such as Alex Jones' InfoWars website and a regular podcast there. Prison Planet also hosts a reader forum and articles, as well as special reports by correspondents such as Steve Watson and Paul Joseph Watson.

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Many articles on Prison Planet are written from a conspiratorial point of view which often focus on a global conspiracy planning a socialist tyranny. As of December 2015, articles listed on the main page of the website include "Obama Admin Loses Potential Terrorists," "Whistleblower Leaks Secret Catalog of Cell Phone Surveillance Devices" and "Paul Ryan Sneaks Massive Surveillance Bill Into $1.1 Trillion Must Pass Spending Legislation."

Prison Planet is one of a number of information sources promulgated by Jones, with others including InfoWars, a similar Web-based alternative news outlet, and The Alex Jones Show, a radio show based in Austin, Texas. Jones is a also a writer and documentary filmmaker. In a 2013 article in New York magazine, Joe Coscarelli described Jones as a massive mouthpiece of domestic paranoia.

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