What Type of Companies Repair Cash Registers?


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Companies that deal with point-of-sale systems, such as American Cash Register, also repair cash registers. The phrase "point of sale" is the technical name for a cash register, which comes in all sorts of different models, including electrical, digital and mechanical designs.

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There are a number of reasons a cash register could be malfunctioning. Mechanical units can often become jammed with paper dust, while digital or electrical units may have a motor burn out. Some digital units may also stop working if the batteries die. Other common problems that occur can include the money drawer becoming jammed, the ink cartridge running dry or the receipt paper being incorrect. Every unit should be carefully inspected and diagnosed by a professional so that it may be safely repaired.

American Cash Register offers a repair service through its sister company, Cash Register Solutions. Its level of expertise, according to the make and model of each register, ranges from 65 to 99 percent, according to CashRegisterSolutions.com. A common repair performed by this company is fixing or replacing the receipt printer. As a way to help its consumers, Cash Register Solutions will also lend out a register rental while the malfunctioning unit is being serviced.

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