What Type of Cell Phone Does Acer Make?


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As of 2015, Acer offers touch-screen smartphones using either the Android or Windows 10 operating systems. The current naming convention is for all smart phones produced by the company to go under the Liquid brand name, although, within the Liquid line, there are different subtypes or model series, such as the Liquid Jade.

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Acer's Liquid line of smart phones is, as of 2015, mainly focused on Android offerings. Currently, the flagship Liquid Jade model series runs Android, and so do most of the other phone series in the Liquid line. However, the M series models and some of the older Liquid Jades, such as the Primo, run Windows. The former Acer Allegro line of phones ran Windows 7.

The Liquid M series are low-cost Windows 10 machines. They were originally released overseas, with models finally launching in the United States in April of 2015. The X series are high-end, and boast the latest technology for a premium price. The Z series is considered entry level, with a corresponding lower cost. The Jade is middle of the road, both within the Liquid line, and in comparison to cell phones released by other companies, at least according to professional critics.

All models in each of their current series are touch-screen machines, and completely lack physical key pads. Screen sizes run between 3.5 inches for the smallest model, the Liquid Z2, and 6 inches, for several models in the Jade series.

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