What Type of Cable Do Most Scanners Use to Connect to a PC?


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Most scanners use USB 2.0 and Ethernet to connect to computers. USB 2.0 is a universal connection that is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X systems, as well as various mobile devices.

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Depending on the exact scanner and cable, a USB 2.0 connection allows the scanner to send up to 60 megabytes of image data to the computer every second. If a USB 2.0 cable is unavailable, users can connect scanners to computers via USB 1.1 cables, albeit at lower speeds. Almost all scanners come with USB cables in the box.

Alternatively, some scanners may use Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet cables. Depending on the exact cable, Gigabit Ethernet can transfer up to 10 gigabits of data every second. However, as consumer-grade computers often have only one Ethernet slot, scanners intended for office use are more likely to have Ethernet connectivity.

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