What Type of Battery Does a Polaroid Camera Use?

Some Polaroid cameras, such as the Polaroid 600, do not have their own internal batteries. Film cartridges that are inserted into these Polaroid cameras come with small batteries. More recent Polaroid cameras, as of 2015, use internal rechargeable batteries, such as lithium batteries, while others use replaceable batteries.

Some classic Polaroid cameras that produced instant film, such as the Polaroid 600, used the battery in a particular film cartridge to produce the film. The battery in the cartridge provided enough power to produce 10 photos.

Other older models, such as the Polaroid 103 and 440, used 3-volt 532 cylindrical batteries or 4.5-volt 531 batteries.

As of 2015, the Polaroid Snap uses a built-in rechargeable 7.4-volt lithium-ion battery, as do models such as the Z2300 0r Z230E. The Polaroid 300 instant camera, which acts like classic Polaroid cameras to produce instant film, uses four AA batteries.