How Does a Two-Way Splitter Work?

A two-way splitter receives a signal through its input end, then splits the signal through two outputs on the other side. It is used to split a cable connection between two different television sets.

There are two types of two-way splitters: regular splitters, high-bandwidth splitters, signal amplifiers and diplexers. A regular splitter simply splits the signal in half. With each time the signal is split, the signal gets weaker and weaker. A high bandwidth splitter is made to withstand heavier signals such as those used for higher-definition televisions. High bandwidth splitters help maintain signal quality better than regular splitters and are therefore more expensive.

A signal amplifier may be used with a splitter to increase signal strength and are useful in cases where an already weak signal becomes weaker after being divided by a regular splitter. Some devices combine a splitter and a signal amplifier into one device with multiple outputs.

Splitters are purchased at electronics stores, hardware stores and department stores. Online department stores or retailers such as Amazon and eBay also sell them. The information needed to purchase a splitter includes the model and type of each receiving device, desired frequency or signal strength and desired price range.