How Do You Know If Twitter Is Down?


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Several websites permit you to determine if Twitter is active at a particular moment. Accessing the Twitter website may give you an error message, but a third-party website can confirm whether or not it is a problem with your computer's Internet settings or if Twitter has technical difficulties.

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  1. Go to downrightnow

    Input the web address downrightnow.com/twitter to look at crowdsourced data used to determine whether or not Twitter is down. The website compiles information from several sources to ascertain Twitter's activity, as of November 2014.

  2. Interpret the data

    View several important graphical representations on downrightnow regarding Twitter's website status. A green horizontal bar indicates Twitter's activity over the past 24 hours. Any dips in the green bar mean something is amiss. The Current Status area has a green check mark if Twitter is currently working. Last Status Change indicates the last time Twitter's status changed from its current position. Last Widespread Service Disruption tells you when Twitter last had a major issue.

  3. Choose your settings

    Check the box for Refresh Automatically above Status History to get frequent updates. Next to this button, view the last time the page updated.

  4. Leave your own report

    Click Report an Issue to make a report to downrightnow regarding your own experience with Twitter. Downrightnow compiles information from users, official announcements and other indicators to determine whether or not Twitter is down.

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