What TV Station Shows the Boston Pops Christmas Concert?

The Boston Pops' Christmas concerts are not aired on television every year. However, WGBH, the Boston-based public radio station, broadcasts the audio from the Holiday Pops concert on the radio as well as on its website.

In 2006, PBS put together "A Pops Holiday Party," a special that spliced together several Boston Pops Christmas concerts, which public television stations aired during the holiday season. The concerts featured in the TV special spanned 35 years, including concerts from the tenures of past Pops conductors Arthur Fiedler and John Williams as well as more contemporary concerts with Keith Lockhart at the baton. PBS stations continued airing "A Pops Holiday Party" during the holiday seasons in subsequent years; Pops fans should consult their local listings to see whether their area stations plan to rebroadcast it.