Why Is My TV Screen Turning Green?


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A TV screen may turn green if the graphics processing unit is not making a good connection with the motherboard. The main reason this occurs is overheating at the connection. Other colors appear on the screen as well, such as black and sometimes red. Sometimes a solid color shows up on the screen, and other times a flickering pattern is dominant.

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The graphic processing unit is a card or a chip. Those who wish to fix it themselves can if they have the proper knowledge. Otherwise, a television repair facility is the place to go. Each television has an owners manual that details where the chip is located.

Fixing the GPU is a technical process and careful removal is necessary to prevent further damage. The biggest thing to remember when replacing the card or chip is remember where each connecting wire or ribbon goes when putting it back together. However, an attempt to fix or replace the GPU should be done if the warranty has expired as many warranties become null and void if there is manipulation of internal parts.

A GPU is also called a video processing unit. In addition to televisions, they are also used in computers, cell phones, video games and other items that need graphics in order to operate.

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