What Are Some TV Satellite-Finder Meters?


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The Satellite Finder, the Sathero SH200 and the Super Buddy 29 are some meters available for finding satellite television signals, as of 2015. The pricing for satellite-finding meters varies widely depending on the type of meter and the extent of its functions. Some meters only work for satellite dishes that are acquiring a single satellite, while others can find multiple television broadcast signals.

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The Satellite Finder is one of many small inexpensive meters available, with units typically costing between $15 and $30. It is a simple device that plugs into the coaxial cable from the satellite dish and displays any detected digital signal between 950 and 2150 megahertz on its analog needle gauge. The meter does not indicate the identity of the satellite located; it just shows that is detecting a signal and the strength of that signal, which makes it best for single-satellite systems.

The Sathero is the next step up and has a digital display screen that provides identification of the satellite that it has located. It also only has the capability of finding one satellite at a time but allows the user to differentiate between satellites while providing an LED indicator for signal proximity and lock. These type of units typically run between $100 and $200.

The Super Buddy is a professional-grade tool that usually costs around $700, but it locates, identifies and locks on to up to eight satellites at a time. This makes the unit well-suited for installing multisatellite-capable dishes, such as those for Dish Network and DirecTV.

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