How Do You Know If Your TV Is Registered?

In most cases, the only way to determine if a television is registered with a warranty is to contact the manufacturer and provide its model, serial number and you name, and request that they check their records. Some manufacturers also associate the registration to an online account that allows you to check the status on your own.

If you are not sure if you or someone else registered your television, reach out to the customer service department for the manufacturer and request to speak to its warranty department. Provide the model number and serial number for the television, which usually appears on the back panel on a special label, as well as your personal identification number. In some cases, used television from a recent line may also be valid for registration.

Registering a new television for a warranty is often helpful because it provides you with additional coverage and protection in the event of a malfunction or other damage out of your control. Most manufacturers include a disclaimer about the presence of any limited warranty, which does not require you to perform additional actions to put into effect but only to keep your proof of purchase if you need to file a claim. Some televisions may include a separate warranty card that asks for information about you, the product and the nature of the purchase. Filling out this card and sending to the manufacturer registers the television.