How Do You Turn a T-Mobile Phone Into a Hot Spot?


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T-Mobile phones have to be on the correct plan before they can be used as a hot spot, which connects other devices to the Internet. T-Mobile customers on the Simple Choice Plan usually have this as standard. It can be added to a plan if the user calls the T-Mobile customer service telephone number, or visits their website.

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The T-Mobile hot spot service is available on customers' existing phones providing they meet some criteria. Android phones have to be running at least Android 2.2. If a user has an iPhone, it cannot be older than a 3GS. Windows 7 and Windows 8 phones are compatible, as are BlackBerrys that run at least OS 7.1. When the hot spot is activated by T-Mobile and switched on via the device, other devices can get onto the Internet including iPads, electronic readers, game consoles and other portable electrical equipment.

T-Mobile says the service can be used for any purpose, but it is not strictly designed to replace standard home broadband. This is primarily because of the data limits. Even on T-Mobile plans that come with unlimited data, the hot spot data is capped at 2.5 gigabytes. T-Mobile says it has this policy because customers that share their Internet connection with other devices usually use more data than the average user. Additional data can be purchased in chunks of 2 gigabytes or 4 gigabytes.

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