How do I turn on the sound on a computer?


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To turn off, on, or adjust the sound on your computer, configure the sound through your operating system. For Mac and Windows, you can do so through your System Preferences or Control Panel, respectively.

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  1. Open the menu

    As of 2014, most Mac systems configure sound through the System Preferences menu. For Mac, open System Preferences, and click the Sound icon. For Windows XP and beyond, open the Start menu, click on Control Panel, then click Sound and Audio Devices.

  2. Make adjustments

    On the Mac Sound menu, use the horizontal sliders to turn on or adjust the volume settings. The Output Volume slider controls the overall volume of the computer. If your sound is not turning on, make sure the Mute box is unchecked. For Windows, open the volume slider by clicking the Volume tab in the Sound and Audio Devices Properties dialog box. This opens a slider which you can use to turn on or adjust the computer's volume.

  3. Close the interface

    For the Mac, simply close the box after you have turned on the sound and adjusted the volume. For Windows, click OK, then close the window.

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