How Do You Turn an Overtype Off and On?

How Do You Turn an Overtype Off and On?

You can turn overtype mode on and off in both Excel and Word through the Options submenus. Overtype mode replaces characters to the right of the insert point when editing text. Though Office editions vary each year, you can enable and disable overtype mode in the Advanced tab in Options.

  1. Open the program

    Double-click the Word and Excel icons on your Windows operating system. Wait a few seconds for both programs to open.

  2. Find the Options menu

    In the more recent versions of Word as of 2014, click on the File tab in the ribbon, and select Options. In previous versions of both Excel and Word, click the Microsoft Office button, and click Excel Options or Word Options at the bottom of the menu. Wait for the pop-up box to appear.

  3. Click the Advanced tab

    In the new pop-up box, click the Advanced tab in the left panel. Look for Use overtype mode in the provided list. Check or uncheck the tick box depending on your preference. This option is available in both programs. After making your selection, click OK.

  4. Test the mode

    Type a sentence, and highlight a letter in a word. With overtype enabled, it replaces the character to the right of the cursor. With overtype disabled, you can replace or insert characters normally.