How Do You Turn Off Voice Control?


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To turn off Voice Control on an iPhone or iPod Touch, set a passcode first, then go to Settings, Touch ID & Passcode, select Voice Dial, and then turn off Voice Dial. Music Voice Control is always enabled in the Apple Operating System.

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To set a passcode in iOS before disabling Voice Control, go to Settings, Touch ID & Passcode and tap Turn Passcode On. Enabling the Siri feature of the iPhone or iPod also deactivates the Voice Control feature. To activate Siri, go to Settings, then General, select Siri and then turn Siri on.

Windows Operating System has a similar voice control feature called Cortana and a secondary control feature called Speech. To disable Cortana on a Windows device, tap the Search icon button to go to Cortana controls. Tap Cortana's Notebook icon, select Settings, and then slide the indicator bar for the Cortana feature to Off. To deactivate Speech, select Settings, then Speech, and then deselect the Enable Speech Recognition Service check box.

Android OS uses a similar voice control feature called Ok Google. To disable this function on an Android device, open the Google App. Touch the menu icon, then select Settings, tap Voice, and choose Ok Google Detection. From there, select when your device should listen when you say "Ok Google."

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