How Do You Turn Off Popups?

Turn off pop-ups through the Firefox browser. This process involves clicking the "menu" button, then selecting the "Content" icon to manage how the browser deals with pop-ups. Although the names of the menus may be different, this method can be used for most popular browsers.

  1. Find the "menu" button

    Look for the "menu" button, which looks like three solid horizontal bars on Firefox, in the upper right corner of the browser. Alternatively, you can click on the name of the browser on the menu bar. Click on" Preferences."

  2. Determine the pop-ups settings

    Click on the "Content" icon. The dialog box displays a checkbox next to the "Block pop-up windows" setting. Check the box to automatically block all pop-ups. With this setting, when you go to a website with a pop-up, a yellow info bar with the "Preferences" button appears.

  3. Specify allowed pop-ups

    Click on "Exceptions" to open the "Allowed Sites - Pop-ups" dialog box. Type in the name of the website in the blank box under "Address of Website" to allow pop-ups from that website. Click on "Allow" to apply the change. If you have gone to websites with pop-ups, those websites may be listed under the headings "Site and Status." To disallow pop-ups from a website, click on its URL, and click on "Remove Site." Click on "Remove All Sites" to disallow pop-ups from all of the listed websites.